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Minimum Purchase ৳ 400

Terms & Conditions

1. The customer has to understand whether the ordered goods match with the delivery invoice. Since the deliveryman is ready to explain the product one by one if necessary, no complaint will be accepted after it is understood naturally.
2. Raw products (such as fish, meat, milk, fruits, frozen, etc.) are not returned or replaced. If the order does not match the delivery goods or the wrong product is taken, the return may occur. In that case, if you have paid in advance, your development number will be refunded within 7 working days.

 In case of products worth more than BDT. 2,500, the customer will get replacement or adjustment facility subject to the following conditions
: You can get a replacement in case of a product problem (such as: product broken, torn, wrong size, product not working, image that does not match the product, etc.).
2. The product must be completely intact, including the box.
3. You must notify us by email at complaindeshipure.com or register a complaint on  01819 88 58 28  within a maximum of 48 hours of receiving the delivery . 
4. You must return the product to the office of wholesalemokam.com within 7 working days at your own risk.
5. The maximum charge of BDT. 50 will be refunded to the customer for sending the product to DesiPure.com office.
. In case of advance (bkash/ rocket) payment, if the product is not in stock or the buyer is not willing to take, the order will be canceled and refund will be given to the number from which the advance payment has been made. . Desipure.com reserves the right to cancel your order at any time due to unavoidable reasons even after order confirmation. In this case, if the advance price is paid, the money will be refunded to the customer within 7 working days as per the required refund information (bkash No. / Rocket No. etc.). 
. If you do not accept after delivery to the courier for product delivery, the customer will have to bear the cost of packing and product return. In case of advance payment, the product will be refunded within 7 working days after the product is returned to DesiPure.com by the courier representative. 
 9. If the price of the product is written on it and for some reason the price of DesiPure.com is more than that, in case of extra price you have to register the complaint by e-mail to complain@wholesalemokam.com within 48 hours  . If your complaint is correct, the extra value you paid will be refunded to Bikashe within 7 working days.  
10. If you have complained about e-mail related to products and services, the wholesalemokam.com team will call you. For this you need to be proactive until your complaint is resolved. If your contact number is not active, an alternative number must be active. If we do not receive any of your support by phone or email within 7 business days, your complaint will be considered a settlement.